Sr. Associate in Movement Disorders
Neurology / Emory University
Research Interests: Movement disorders, Parkinsonism, Parkinson disease, Multiple system atrophy, Autonomic Dysautonomia, Interoception

Associate Professor
Neurology and Yerkes National Primate Center / Emory
Research Interests: Basal ganglia, thalamus, non-human primate models, funtional circuits, optogenetics, chemogenetics, electrophysiology

Associate Professor
School of Medicine / Emory
Research Interests: Parkinson's disease, aging, older adults, dance, exercise, rehabilitation, imaging, motor control, motor learning, cognition, motor-cognition, psychosocial

Assistant Professor
Biomedical Engineering / Georgia Tech
Research Interests: Visual cortex, perceptual behavior, visual attention, sensory-motor integration, electrophysiology, patch clamp, optogenetics

Pharmacology and Chemical Biology / Emory University
Research Interests: Movement disorders, mouse models, dopamine, physiology, therapeutics

Associate Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering / Georgia Tech
Research Interests: Wearable sensing; cardiovascular physiology; autonomic sensing

John H. “Johnny” Isakson Chair and Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar in Parkinson’s Research University of Georgia
Center for Molecular Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine
Research Interests: cellular and molecular mechanisms of Parkinson’s disease

Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering / Georgia Tech
Research Interests: Behavioral genetics, whole-brain imaging, high throughput screening

Assistant Professor
Biomedical Engineering / Georgia Tech
Research Interests: Predictive medicine, machine learning, text mining, literature based discovery, dynamical systems engineering

Neurology / Yerkes
Research Interests: Basal ganglia, parkinson, neuroanatomy, synaptic plasticity, electron microscopy, ultrastructure, synaptic network

Director, McCamish Program
Co-Director, GT & Emory Neural Engineering Centers
McCamish Foundation Distinguished Chair, GT & Emory University
Research Interests: control of neural circuits, sensory pathways, decision making

Co-Director, Emory & GT Neural Engineering Centers
Portman Professor of Biomedical Engineering Emory University & Georgia Tech
Research Interests: Neuromechanics, Movement Control, Parkinson's disease

Director, Udall Parkinson’s Disease Research Center Yerkes’ Associate Director for Scientific Programs Emory University
A Worley Brown Professor of Neurology
Research Interests: neural circuitry underlying Parkinson's disease